At the core of our organization is a mindset, a movement, a phrase, a philosophy that saves us from losing sight of why we’re in this profession in the first place. We’re here for the people - our clients, our communities, and our fellow NextHomies. At NextHome Triangle Properties, we believe in #HumansOverHouses, meaning we always focus on our clients' interests, needs and goals rather than on "the sale" or otherwise on putting any other interest in front of theirs. In so doing, our clients, our colleagues and the public at large can count on us to operate our business and base our actions on our Core Values which we bring to each and every transaction.

Our Core Values

We are a team of HOPE-builders, committed to:

Humans over Houses - always!

Optimizing Opportunities for all

Perceptive Problem-solving &

Excellence in Everything we do!

As part of our ongoing commitment to #HumansOverHouses, we are active in our community, support local and national non-profits, and coordinate community events and service by giving back with our time and resources. Through our "GiveBack" commitment, we donate a portion of every commission to support several non-profits.

In 2020, we donated over $7500 to the charities below. In 2021 we increased our goal to $10,000, which we not only met but surpassed by an additional $1000!

In 2022, we hope to donate $15,000!!

Click on the images below to read more about our partnerships! For more stories about how our company values #HumansOverHouses, visit www.humansoverhouses.com